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Who We Are

The mission of 1 Right Solution is to increase the productivity and maximize competitive edge to businesses with proven communication solutions with focus on customers. Dedicated to long-term relationships, we aim for premiere communication solution provider recognition.


“Building stronger communities and families through communications” defines the existence of 1 Right Solution.  Quality work and diverse industry knowledge governs the solutions by:

  • Increasing products and services offered

  • Increasing availability and accessibility to current and future customers.

  • Create innovative, unique, and cost-effective solutions to address problems currently faced by customers.


Empowering the businesses with decision making opportunities throughout the development process produces a higher percentage rate towards establishing a healthy customer satisfaction base. Continue customer support produces value added, ensuring customer satisfaction and potential customers from recommendations.

Allen D. Wright


Phone: 757-818-9169

Delcenia E. Wright


Phone: 757-818-9169

the team
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